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Big Time Promos

Jimmy Peters
Big Time Promos, Inc
Located in Canton, GA Big Time Promos, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in the automotive marketing industry and one of the main reasons is we believe in bringing YOUR dealership MORE qualified leads for LESS! While our sales office is located in Georgia we have several print houses strategically placed in various locations across the country to better serve all our dealers nationwide. We specialize in lead generation for your secondary / sub-prime department but we have many different mail campaign designs for all the different departments of your dealership to choose from including: Bankruptcy Mailers, Buy Back Mailers, Custom Mailers, Credit Card Mailers, Event Mailers, Gift Card Mailers, Hispanic Mailers, Key Mailers, Postcard Mailers, Pre-Approval Mailers, Saturation Mailers, Scratch Off Mailers, Seasonal Mailers, Service Mailers, Shared Mailers, and Snap Apart Mailers.
  The booming popularity of direct to consumer marketing via mail continues unabated for one simple reason, it works. And it works especially well for auto dealers. With that in mind, let’s cut to the chase and talk about how and why it might be what a dealer seeking to move a lot of iron in a hurry without holding a “fire sale” might benefit.

  First thing to consider, of course, are list, content of the piece, and attendant in-house execution required to make that particular event a success. Without all three a dealer is basically throwing his money into a black hole. Let’s take a look at the “niche” venue. Niche, implies a slice. A slice could be a particular piece of the market that a dealer wants to address. One of the biggest and most profitable is the credit market. By far, the most widely used method to access that market is the beacon score list. Depending on the strength of your finance department, you might want to consider manipulating the beacon score numbers. Generally, the lower beacon score, the higher the response, but there is also a higher degree of difficulty as to getting the deal done. This is where a company like Big Time Promos shines. Founded and ran by ex-finance directors who ran incredible numbers in a tough market, they offer a helping hand every step of the way. They will lend advice, connections, and tips on getting the secondary or low primary deals structured, handled and funded. Big Time Promos will provide scripts for your salesmen, monitor the finance personnel, set up strong buyers and major lending institutions and structure the deals for quick and highly profitable approval. These folks are also experts on knowing exactly when and where to mail. For instance, they may select a list of prospects that are already in a loan situation with a 50% to 80% paid profile, or they might go another route and pick a list with a pre-determined “high credit” number and no derogs within a certain period. Using these techniques and more Big Time Promos is professional at accessing just the right group at just the right time and communicating with your people to insure a dynamite result every time.

  Other niches Big Time Promos are tuned in to are the booming Spanish market, the specialty vehicle market (exotics, sports cars, custom vehicles), and particularly pre-owned. One extremely successful method has been using the dealer’s data base for a non-advertised customer appreciation event combing an initial invitation phone call and then an on-going promotional phone call while the sale is going on. Combining these two approaches has resulted in an incredible turn out, eight to ten percent is not uncommon, with sold to the asphalt type results. The best news is that the cost is virtually the same as standard mail blasts.

  The other lists that Big Time Promos targets, are more bread based, such as demographic based on zip codes, income, or vehicle registration. With the rising costs of mailing, Big Time Promos has come up with a very innovative and dynamic approach to keeping the costs low. They have worked with the absolute best marketing firms in America to come up with the next, “hot” new thing: volume-based, professional and extremely slick four sided saturation mailers. These mailers are attractive beyond a dealer’s imagination and are extremely effective at grabbing the attention of the recipient. They are almost guaranteed to be opened immediately and read cover to cover.

  Many, many dealers are booming and profitable as never before in the midst of a very challenging market. A huge number of these astute businessmen are using the unprecedented professionalism and expertise of Big Time Promos. These guys are not printers who mail for a sideline, they are world famous auto guys who have a passion for selling cars. After one sale with Big Time Promos you’ll never look at direct mail marketing the same way again.

Jim Johnson
Marketing Director for the #1 GM Dealer in the U.S.