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BDC - Business Development Center

Our BDC consist of highly experienced reps available to field inbound calls for dealerships that do not have an in house BDC of their own. The biggest difference between our BDC service and most out sourced BDC’s is experience! Our reps have all worked at dealerships themselves in various positions and thus know how to properly handle calls from your valuable phone prospects and will represent your company with complete professionalism. We also offer a follow up service via our BDC that will allow you to send over unsold leads from your daily log sheets to the Big Time BDC and we will follow up with each of them in a timely manner to see exactly why they did not buy and what can be done to turn them from a prospect into a client.

Businesses get messages across to consumers in a lot of ways in today’s linked world via: Direct marketing, online/offline advertising, mobile marketing, social media sites and more. Although these efforts often have the desired outcome of driving quality inbound calls, businesses do not have the tools in place to adequately and competently measure calls as an outcome of their advertising efforts.

The call tracking platform provides the data and insights needed to accurately measure advertising performance, including the number and type of calls driven from your mobile, online and offline ad campaigns. Marchex Call Analytics is the engine behind our Digital Call Marketplace and is also available as a standalone product offering. With call tracking, recording, mining and real-time intelligence, we can help you make more informed ad campaign optimization decisions to drive quality customer phone calls and maximize your return on investment.

We offer a toll-free number call recording and monitoring tool that will allow you to receive up to the minute data on inbound calls and track every lead even those that might have otherwise been lost. With this system we can automatically feed data into your CRM or lead manager, allowing your prospects to be linked with each of your advertising efforts and eliminating manual data entry errors. You will be able to learn how many calls are being missed or left on hold, listen to recorded calls from your prospects to hear how your staff is handling them, and make sure your sales staff follows up on every prospect so you can increase the overall ROI of your advertising. With the reporting features of this system you will be able to map out the geographic location of all calls and know which areas in your market are your hot spots. This will in turn allow you to be able to make more educated advertising decisions. We offer 800, 866, 877, 888, local call recorded, and even easy to remember vanity numbers which are crucial for certain forms of advertising such as: Billboards, Radio, and TV all through the Marchex Call Analytics system.