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Social Marketing

What Is Mobile Maximizer?
Mobile Maximizer is a simple and effective platform for establishing both a blog and mobile presence through one easy to use interface. While your blog will enable you to target desired keywords and search phrases, your mobile app will compliment your blog by enabling you to leverage the millions of searches that are performed every day on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. But that's not all! As more and more search engines favor blogs and websites that are optimized for mobile devices, Mobile Maximizer will enable you to conquer search results for popular keywords and search phrases where competing websites and blogs lack a mobile presence.
What Is The Concept Behind Mobile Maximizer?
Over the past few years the mobile industry has seen tremendous growth. There are currently more people who own smart phones than there are who own personal computers. Major search engines, such as Google, are very much aware of this fact and because it is the primary objective of every search engine to provide it's users with the best search results possible, it only makes sense to tailor mobile search results for mobile devices by favoring websites and blogs that are mobile compatible. To further promote your success, there is already substantial evidence to support the fact that blogs rank better than websites since blogs are more likely to have fresher content than a static website. Mobile Maximizer provides you with a state-of-the-art search engine friendly blogging platform as part of our overall mobile marketing stratgedy. We've created an illustration below which further describes this concept in a manner that is easy to understand.
Mobile App Features
Leverage Twitter With Your Mobile App
Mobile Maximizer's mobile app will enable you to stream your tweets directly to your app. You can share blog posts, links, and more. It's hashtag compatible!
Connect With Your Fans Through Facebook
Keep your fans up-to-date with your latest posts to your Facebook Fan Page. Facebook integration also provides your mobile app with an intuitive mobile interface for allowing your fans and others to browse through your Facebook photo gallery.
Car Dealers Can Feed Their Inventory
Displaying your vehicle inventory directly on your mobile app puts your latest listings in the palms of smartphone users. It only takes one listing in the eyes of the right buyer to make a sale.
Harness The Power of Google+
Google+ is an excellent tool for exanding the usage of your mobile app by enabling your current user base to share your app mobile directly from within your mobile app itself. In doing so, you can grow your business, followers, and expand your reach.
Deliver Direct Access to Your YouTube Channel
User's can access your YouTube channel directly from within your mobile app. Display your playlists, enabling the playing of videos embeded directly into your content and videos will automatically play in full screen.
Leverage Social Media to Share Your App
Leverage the power of social media by enabling your user base to share your app across Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Other features include the ability to share the app through email and even QR codes.
One Touch Call and Email
Providing your users with an easy and convenient method of contacting you is sure to increase leads and sales. The Mobile Maximizer mobile app makes this possible with just one click.
Mobile Marketing QR Codes
Enable users to easily share your mobile app with QR codes directly from within the app. The QR code can be scanned by others while on the go. No more typing of domain names, it's a direct link to your blog.
Real Estate Agents Can Feed Their Listings
Keeping a fresh feed of your latest property listings available to potential buyers is key to increasing sales. Leverage Mobile Maximizer to feed your listings in real time.
Add a Flickr Photo Gallery
Displaying your Flickr photo gallery is a snap with the Mobile Maxiizer. Simply provide your RSS feed URL and the app will do the rest.
Display Facebook Events
Keep your user base informed of upcoming events which are pulled directly from your Facebook fan page, offering easy manageability of your events from just one place.
Coupon With Scannable Bar Code
Offer your users a coupon. Enter any kind of savings or special offers that you wish. You can also set the expiration.
Map & Directions
One of the biggest advantages to having a smartphone is the ability to get directions to nearby businesses or places of interest. You can leverage your Mobile Maximizer mobile app to provide your users with the convenience of getting directions to your place of business with just one tap of a button.
Create a Custom Page
When none of our features meet your needs you can create a custom page. By using a WYSIWYG editor you can add your own custom content to your mobile app. Anything is possible!
Car Dealers Can Accept Credit Applications
Generate leads and assist your clients with their first step towards purchasing a new car. The convenience of providing a credit application right on your mobile app improves the financing process for both the buyer and dealer.
Facebook Photo Gallery
Feed photos directly from your Facebook Fan page. Facebook photos will not only drive traffic back to your Facebook fan page but can also used as a marketing channel. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Display Your Mobile Maximizer Blog Posts
The Mobile Maximizer's built in blog post display module is a key part of the Mobile Maximizer blogging platform. Making your blog posts available through your mobile app will is ideal for improved mobile search rankings.
Custom RSS Feed
Display a custom RSS feed. Compatible with all major RSS formats containing a title, description, image, and link.
iPhone Bookmark Feature
Users are prompted to bookmark your mobile app directly to their iphone where a new mobile app icon is created for fast and convenient access to your mobile app when returning to your app in the future.
Upload Your Own Logo
Brand your mobile app by uploading your own custom logo. We recommend placing your logo on the first screen that your users see. This helps build brand awareness and adds a lot of professionalism to your app.

Other Notable Features

  • Built on HTML5
  • Adopts the latest mobile development standards
  • Frequently updated to ensure maximum compatibility
  • Optimized for the fastest possible load time
  • Update your mobile app in real time
  • Screens can be swipped horizontally for easy navigation
  • Menu bar is collapsible for efficient use of real estate
  • Tap to call and email buttons are readily accessible
  • Responsive to modern smartphone screen sizes
  • Lightweight graphic file sizes reduces bandwidth consumption
Mobile App Management
One of the biggest advantages the Mobile Maximizer has to offer is the ease of use of our mobile designer. The mobile designer interface is intuitive and makes use of drag-n-drop to enable you to design your mobile app the way you envision it. No programming! No HTML! No difficult user manuals! Everything is super straight forward. You can add new features, edit features, or even remove features just by dragging menu icons to your phone navigation menu or to the trash can, respectively, and everything is updated in real time. You also have the ability to color match your app with any color in the spectrum using a point-n-click color wheel. Simply find the color that you want to use and then click on save to update your app.
Building a mobile presence with the Mobile Maximizer is a snap! Upload your logo in seconds, release fresh content through your blog posts, start driving mobile traffic to your mobile app, and in just a short time you can build a collective audience to whom you can reach out to at any given time. The mobile space allows you to do so much more than traditional internet properties. Smartphones are essentially mobile computers and people are taking them everywhere they go.

Anyone Can Use The Mobile Maximizer!

  • Restaurantes
  • Salons
  • Car Dealers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Educational Establishments
  • Institutions
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Contractors
  • Brokers
  • Photographers
  • Marketers
  • Artists
And practically anyone who wants a mobile presence!
Blogging Platform
Blogging is by far one the fastest and most affordable methods for generating traffic. Fresh content being posted on a daily or even a weekly basis is going to catch the eyes of Google's search bots. For that past decade blogging has grown tremendously. But until now, the concept of having a mobile blogging platform didn't exist. The Mobile Maximizer will enable you to create a stunning online blogging presence and mobile blogging presence all-in-one. Where your blog posts are made available to each medium to enhance the SEO benefits of each space. Unlike other blogging platforms, the Mobile Maximizer is drag-n-drop. Enabling you to create your blog with ease. Move components around on the screen as you see fit. Create a slide show or drop in a YouTube video in just minutes.
  • Manage your blog content and layout via drag-n-drop
  • Add pages or edit existing pages
  • Edit any content with in-context Editing
  • Add a survey
  • Add a form
  • Add an Auto-navigation
  • Add text & links
  • Add a site tree
  • Work with different page types (Full Width, Left Sidebar, Press Release, Right Sidebar)
  • Define permissions for other users, employees, and administrators
  • Edit theme properties, such as background color, font color, and even add custom CSS
  • Define permissions for other users, employees, and administrators
  • Add site search to enable your users to easily find indexed content
  • Manage your files and upload new ones via an integrated file manager
  • Easy and intuitive dashboard for centralized management
  • Versioning allows you to revert to previously saved versions at any time
  • Add blocks & areas to easily insert media, such as photo galleries, YouTube videos, and more
  • Add a Google map with point-n-click
  • Add an external RSS feed to pull in rich content
  • Add a photo gallery with complete control over slideshow parameters
  • And much, much, more...
Blog Management
Our blogging platform includes a state-of-the-art management system. You can easily drag-n-drop components to your hearts content, enabling you to create and define your blog to however you wish. Components can be added by clicking on containers and then selecting the component that you wish to add. Parameters may include anything from your YouTube link for a YouTube video to your business street address for a Google map. The screen shot shown below illustrates various manageable containers, denoted by the dotted red borders. However, you aren't just limited to what you see. You can add additional containers, or sometimes referred to as blocks, to any editable area on your blog.
The dashboard gives you quick and easy access to various areas of the Mobile Maximizer with just a click. From here you can perform many different tasks, ranging from writing a blog post, viewing survey results, or uploading new photos. The possibilities are endless with Mobile Maximizer. One key feature that is often understated, is your ability to manage users and user groups. This is especially important if you have want to delegate certain tasks to specific members of your staff, such as having a dedicated blogger for authoring and posting new blog posts. Groups allow you to specify global permissions for certain functions and then users can be placed under one more groups providing you with complete control over the blogging platform.
The Mobile Maximizer truly is a one-of-a-kind system, offering you both a blog and mobile app which work in harmony under one platform. Leverage the Mobile Maximizer today to give your business a competitive edge while your competitors are still having to manage their blog and mobile app, if they even have one, in two seperate spaces. The marriage between the two offers many benefits, aside from setting the stage for improved search engine rankings when Google finally adopts a new algorithm to favor mobile aware websites and blogs. The game is changing so jump on board today and put yourself one step closer to winning!


Your Mobile Maximizer purchase includes the following:
Top-notch hosting included at no additional cost
FREE domain name of your choice (.com, .net, .info, .org)*