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  • What is the process like from start to finish?
  • We begin by speaking directly with you to determine your target market, your goal, and any promotion dates involved. We then take that information and compile the most targeted, accurate mailing list possible in the area you would like to reach. We work with you to come up with the best complete mail campaign to meet your goal. After the mailing list has been compiled, we send you proofs of the mail piece to be sent. Once it has been approved, it is off to production.

  • What results can I expect?
  • The results you can expect depend on a number of factors: how many pieces you send out, the geographical area you cover, the type of mailer you choose for your audience, the day you choose to host your promotion, whether or not you take advantage of our hosted promotions service, whether or not you offer premiums, and other factors beyond your control such as weather, traffic, etc.

    While we cannot guarantee a number of results you will receive, we do guarantee our best work in producing your mailer, compiling your mailing list, and helping you choose the right type of mailer for your audience. In addition, we offer the hosted promotion service, which includes our presence at your event. We bring enthusiasm and marketing knowledge that result in great service, cohesiveness, and increased sales. We work directly with you and your sales staff to get customers through the door, qualified, and handed over to sales people. We also strongly recommend that you include gifts and promotional insurance with your direct mail campaign. These will create a sense of urgency with your customers and bring more people in the door.

  • How long does it take from the first time we speak until my promotion is mailed out?
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to create a direct mail piece that is on target & always on time. For most mail pieces, we can have your piece produced and dropped by 48 hours from the time the contract is signed. Some custom 4 color pieces may take longer. This also depends on the number of revisions that you would like to make. We do not print until we have final approval from you.

  • Is there any part of the process that I have to handle myself? Do you handle everything?
  • We handle everything. From the mailing list compilation, to creating the mailer, to actually mailing it out - we take care of the entire process, from start to finish.

  • Can you give me some pricing information?
  • We give you the best competitive edge in your market while conforming to your advertising budget & marketing needs. The pricing for direct mail varies based on the number of recipients to receive the mailer, which postal class you prefer to use, and whether or not you'd like to utilize our hosted promotion service, promotional gifts, and insurance. Call today to learn more about the pricing range for your direct mail needs. We can work with you and within your budget to create the best direct mail campaign for you.