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Automotive Direct Mailers are Good for Surveying

In this day and age, we're all used to everyone having something to complain about. Listening to what customers have to say is a normal part of how any dealership should be doing business.

Most larger dealerships have extensive survey programs that send out post-experience surveys to clients. This typically takes place after a customer gets an oil change or other car service done, and may not happen during the sales process. After all, who cares about what customers who don't buy have to say?


The marketing department of any dealership is in a great position to get customer feedback, and use that to the dealership's advantage. It isn't about criticizing sales people or taking disciplinary action against those sales people who aren't meeting quota. It's about hearing specific data from a customer's standpoint that reveals why a sale doesn't happen on any given day.

Shaping Up

There are many factors that shape the sales process such as salesperson's technique and appearance, the way the dealership looks, the way the cars are presented, etc. These can all be changed to better accommodate a customer who's ready to buy - but how can you work from that data if you don't have it in the first place?

Automotive Direct Mailers

Many dealerships include survey data in emails to customers, but it's also a good idea to ask clients who have passed you up to rate your sales team and their experience after a client leaves your dealership. In addition to collecting emails, see if you can get a mailing address - and send a special post-service automotive direct mailer asking for further business.

If the customer doesn't bite, he or she can use the mail piece as a chance to communicate with you online or via telephone about what didn't work for them. If they had a bad experience with a sales person? You can assign a new one. If they were looking for a different kind of vehicle? You can see if there's another option that will fit the consumer's needs.

Don't just give up on customers for good when they walk away from your dealership. In addition to having your salespeople call and follow up, automotive direct mailers can be used in really efficient ways to increase your contact with a customer, and get them in your sales funnel. Showing the customer that he or she is important over time can make a huge difference in your sales pipeline.

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